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Recent Work

In TAKE YOUR PARTNERS, an 8 year-old tomboy challenges gender expectations when forced to make an Easter Bonnet with the girls. Bravely subverting convention, she also learns that the adult world is not quite so black and white.

With Arpeggio Pictures and Forth Dimension Filmworks.



Who’s asking for what exactly?

Released in coordination with the International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women, ASKING FOR IT is intended as a thought-provoking conversation starter about how we judge and place the blame when women are assaulted.

Starring: Anna Martine, Gabriella Schmidt and Mark McKirdy.


“Intelligently conceived and written, excellently cast and acted, this short film is what authors long for but seldom see:  a dramatic version of their work that both makes an original interpretation of it and gets right to the heart of it.”

Ursula K. Le Guin

Adapted from the short story by major science fiction writer Ursula K. Le Guin,
THE FIELD OF VISION is about mankind’s pursuit of truth and the consequence of finding the answer. In an unknown future, a group of astronauts unearth evidence of an ancient alien civilization on Mars. Concealed within it is a truth so dangerous it threatens to change the world forever. On their return, a psychiatrist is brought in to assess the surviving crew, all of whom suffer from unexplainable physical disorders. What he discovers will shake his scientific and rational beliefs to the core.

Starring: Raji James, George Anton, Leon Ockenden, Rupert Holliday-Evans, Danny Webb, Simon Dutton, James Weber-Brown, Michael Mueller and Charlotte Hayward.


A CHEMICAL IMBALANCE comprises a short book and documentary film, which together celebrate female scientists and look at why women are still so under-represented in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics).

The University of Edinburgh’s School of Chemistry has a long history of successful female chemists, with a significant number now holding senior academic positions. This project asks why, and aims to highlight some of the persistent challenges still faced by women in science.

In collaboration with Marie Liden, Cameron Conant and Prof. Polly Arnold, in association with The Royal Society Rosalind Franklin Award and the School of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh.



I DIVORCE YOU is an unusual and stylized alternative to the traditional telling of Genesis. Set in a 50s influenced, but not yet populated world, a divorce story of unparalleled consequence unfolds.

God is attempting to lay the foundations for his master plan and has freshly created Eve to take care of the lonely Adam. But before their union can take place, Adam must divorce estranged first wife Lilith. An ardent feminist, Lilith becomes suspicious of their oppressive plan and refuses to bow to the law of God, choosing obscurity over compromise. Gradually Eve unravels the lies culminating in an encounter with Lilith that will lead her to the truth.

Starring: Sarah Callyn, Daisy Lewis, Leon Ockenden and Stephen Evans.


With the recent death of her Grandma, young lesbian SAMANTHA has been released from the final constraint on being fully out about her sexuality. Caught in tumultuous emotions, she mournfully refuses to attend the funeral, choosing to emancipate herself in the Edinburgh party scene instead. After a night of casual sex and recreational drug taking, she finds herself amongst new friends. Immersed in gay company and accepted for who she is, she seems to have found the liberation she was looking for. But as the parties wear on and the drugs wear off, she realises her intentions have been misplaced, so must leave to seek a more legitimate closure to the loss of her Grand Mother.

Starring: Amanda Ryan, Suzanne Magowan and Alastair Gillies.