None of the Above (2018)

TRIGGER WARNING: This film contains fictional scenes of suicide that some viewers may find distressing.
Embarking upon a distinctly postmodern cyber experiment, Cassie charts her dating odyssey on her personal vlog, posting regular updates to her ever-growing number of followers. But when sensitive rendezvous footage goes viral, she becomes a media pariah. Praise and approval turns to vitriol. Cassie’s desperate attempt to fight the tide of public opinion fails, leading to tragic real-world consequences.
If you have been affected by any of the themes or actions portrayed in this film please reach out to a healthcare professional or one of the national support organisations below:
Starring Holli Dempsey
Director: Siri Rødnes
Writer: Ewan Morrison
Producers: Stuart Condy & Sara Forbes
Associate Producers: Beth Allen & Ewan Morrison
Director of Photography: Ian Forbes
Production Design: Gail Bowman
Costume Design: Natalie McGowan
Hair & Makeup Design: Kari Rødnes
Web & Graphic Design: Peter Mead
Editor: Dougie Flockhart
Composer: Marty Hailey
Sound Designer: Tom Drew
Sound Recordist & Dubbing Mixer: William Aikman
Colourist: Belgin Kaplan
VFX Designer: Helen Bunker
DIT: Rasmus Rami
Art Assistant: Alice Brooks

© 2015 Arpeggio Pictures

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